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Suet Pellets

Our suet pellets are made from the highest quality suet and tallow content offering a greater nutritional value than other suet pellets from general pet shops. This makes them particularly beneficial for breeding birds, fledglings and winter bird feeding.

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Ark Mixed Suet Pellets for Birds
Ark Mixed MultiPack Suet Pellets
Ark Insect Suet Pellets
Ark Insect Suet Pellets
Ark Berry Suet Pellets
Ark Berry Suet Pellets
Ark Mealworm Suet Pellets
Ark Mealworm Suet Pellets
Flip Top Mealworm & Suet Pellet Feeder
Flip Top Mealworm Feeder
Robin eating from a Compact Ground Feeding Tray
Compact Ground Feeding Tray
Ground Feeder for Birds
Ground Feeder for Birds

Encouraging a variety of birds to your garden 

To attract a diverse range of birds to your garden and make sure that no bird misses out on the supplementary food you are providing, make sure that you use a variety of bird feeders and bird food

Many bird lovers provide the same sunflower seeds for their birds every day and wonder why they don’t spot less common species and hear different songbirds. While sunflower seeds are the perfect staple seed to always provide, it is a good idea to add some variety. Bird suet pellets are a great way to entice more wild birds to your feeders.

Suet for birds can be fed from hanging feeders, on the bird table or from the ground. Different birds of different sizes and agility feed in different ways so this will also encourage diversity. 

We can offer you easy to eat bird suet pellets in three natural flavours:

  • Ark Berry Suet Pellets
  • Ark Insect Suet Pellets
  • Ark Mealworm Suet Pellets

If you’re new to feeding birds suet, why not try our handy mixed packs? Once you start feeding you may find your birds don’t stop, so we also give you the chance to buy larger suet feast blocks. This way you won’t have to re-order so frequently. 

We can help, talk to us

There is such a vast array of bird food, seed and feeders to choose from that it can seem confusing. If you want to know which bird foods will attract a particular type of wild bird to your garden, give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865