Bird Care

It is a pleasure to watch the birds in your garden. Although they are wild creatures, your avian visitors need a little help, especially during breeding time, dry weather and harsh winter months. Fortunately we can provide many high quality bird care products to help you ensure that the wildlife in your garden is healthy and flourishing.

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Each species of bird has its favourite foods, so putting out a wide range of different treats will ensure that all of your wild birds are fed well and your garden is home to the greatest variety of feathered guests.

Throughout the colder months, many bird species prefer high energy seeds with plenty of healthy oils and proteins. Peanut kernels, niger seeds and sunflower hearts will provide them with all the nutrients they need to see them through the winter. Suet, made from creamy high quality fat, is guaranteed to make a wholesome meal . Rich in protein, suet is high energy food that is nonetheless very easy to digest – the perfect autumn and winter supper for your wild birds. Suet loving birds include:

Use the highest quality bird feed

All of our nuts and seeds are of the highest quality and completely natural. Remember that your birds will be thirsty after eating and provide them with fresh clean water. Wild birds need water as much as food, for drinking and bathing. We always recommend putting fresh clean water out every day of the year.

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