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Garden Birds: Identification, Facts and Advice

The Fridge is Bare…

The old proverb goes… ‘As the days grow longer, so they become colder’ just when…

Garden BirdsWinter
2nd February 2024

Brrr, I’m Off to Feed the Birds

It’s windy, wet and to be honest, grim out there! I’m not feeling inspired as…

Bird FeedingGarden BirdsWinter
3rd January 2024

Hip, Hop, Hippie to Hop

“I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, to the hip hip hop-a you don’t stop, say…

Garden Birds
10th July 2023

Collared Dove UK: Identification, Food, Nesting & Facts

Collared Dove identification Length: 28cm Resembles a small slender Wood pigeon but their plumage is…

BirdsGarden Birds
17th April 2023

Blue Tit Bird UK: Identification, Habitat & Nesting

Blue Tit Identification Length: 12 cm Easily identified as it is the only tit with…

BirdsGarden Birds
17th April 2023

Great Spotted Woodpecker: Call, Nesting & Facts

What does a Great Spotted Woodpecker look like? Length: 23cm. This is the most common…

BirdsGarden Birds
17th April 2023

Goldfinch Birds UK: Habitat, Identification & Facts

Goldfinch Identification Length: 12cm. An easily recognised species due to conspicuous red face and yellow…

BirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023

Greenfinch: Habitat, Identification and Food

Greenfinch identification Length: 14cm. This is the largest yellow-green finch present in Europe. The upper…

BirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023

Birds To Spot On Your Feeder & Their Beak Size

Take a moment to look out of the window at the birds in your garden….

Bird FeedingBirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023