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Garden Birds: Identification, Facts and Advice

British Magpie Habitat, Food & Identification

  Magpie identification Length: 46 cm. One of the most distinctive and easily recognised birds…

BirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023

Can Birds Drink Tap Water From a Bird Bath?

A few summer days without rain and our lawns quickly turn brown, remember when this…

Garden Birdswater
23rd February 2023

Willow Tit Bird: Habitat, Song & Identification

How to identify a Willow Tit Length: 11cm. The Willow Tit is distinguished from the…

BirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023

National Nest Box Week

With bird breeding season drawing ever closer, you’ll likely have begun to hear your garden…

BirdsGarden BirdsNest Boxes
8th February 2023

Why is birdwatching so important?

This guest blog was written by Rob Jaques who is the Garden BirdWatch Supporter Development…

BirdsGarden Birds
26th January 2023

What do robins eat? Feeding robins throughout the year

They are a uniquely beloved sight in gardens up and down the country, and it’s…

Garden BirdsRobins
11th November 2022

How Do Birds Keep Warm & Survive in the Winter?

Even from the comfort of our centrally heated homes, wrapped up in cosy knitwear, we…

BirdsGarden BirdsnestWinter
11th November 2022

Robin Identification, Habitat & Nesting Habits

Robins are one of the most well-loved birds in the British garden. But how much…

BirdsGarden Birds
11th November 2022

Jay Bird Habitat, Food, Identification & Facts

Jay identification: what does a Jay look like Length: 34cm. The Jay’s plumage colouration is…

BirdsGarden Birds
19th September 2022