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Spring Wildlife Guides and Advice

Spring is the season of new life and as the dark winter nights come to an end, we begin seeing flowers grow, wildlife diversify and hear baby birds chirping. During this time, wildlife need to adjust to new ways of living, including defending their territories and protecting their young. 

Our spring wildlife guides are packed with helpful information on wildlife lifecycles, identification of springtime visitors and tips on how you can support the species in your garden during this transformational period.

Six Signs of Spring

A totally arbitrary number, as the signs of spring are so multitudinous. Just stand outside…

SpringWildlife Gardening
28th March 2024

Siting Bird Nest Boxes In Your Garden: A Guide

Spring is garden bird breeding season. After feeding, adding a bird nest box is the…

BirdsGarden BirdsNest BoxesSpring
7th September 2022

Solitary Bees, Mason Bees & Leafcutter Bees UK: A Guide

Solitary bees identification UK Two of our most common garden solitary bees are the red…

BeesBeneficial InsectsSpring
7th September 2022

Butterfly Houses for the Garden: Setting up and attracting butterflies

A Butterfly House or Butterfly Feeder added to the garden can encourage a wider range…

18th July 2022

Ladybirds: Houses, Habitat & Food

Ladybird Identification There are approximately 46 species of ladybird in the UK but only 26…

Beneficial InsectsIdentificationSpring
18th July 2022

Baby Bird Found In Your Garden, What Next?

Spring has arrived in the UK and this means our garden birds are at their…

Garden BirdsSpring
9th July 2022

How To Stop Starlings Eating Bird Food

At certain times of the year, starlings seem to arrive in vast numbers with an…

Garden BirdsSpring
12th May 2021

Nature Discombobulated

Every now and again spring upsets the rhythms of the natural world. One year it’s…

3rd March 2019

How Do Birds Claim a Nesting Box?

Prime real estate is tough for birds to come by, therefore an early start will…

Garden BirdsHabitatsNest BoxesSpring
28th January 2019