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Don’t Fly Off the Handle

Bumblebees definitely, ladybirds of course and butterflies obviously. The invariably positive responses received when discussing…

Beneficial Insects
16th June 2022

Ouch! I Love Stingers

There’s an old saying that nettle stings protect against arthritis. I go with this idea,…

Beneficial InsectsSean's Blog
12th April 2022

Cuckoo spit: what are spitbugs and why do these insects spit?

I reckon everyone has a few species that, when seen, transport them back to a…

Beneficial Insects
18th May 2021

Solitary Bees and Mason Bees: UK Guide

Types of Solitary Bees Two of our most common garden solitary bees are the red…

BeesBeneficial InsectsSpring
12th April 2021

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Another year draws to a close and as families gather, celebrating Christmas with feasts of…

Beneficial InsectsHedgehogsHibernationWinter
11th February 2020

Get Out for the Count!

Big Butterfly Count is on! Finishing on the 19th August, the three-week survey gives us…

Beneficial InsectsButterfliesEvents
10th February 2020

Wildflowers for Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Wildflowers are more than a colourful addition to the garden. They provide food and habitats…

BeesBeneficial InsectsButterfliesWildflowers
21st February 2019

Autochthonous or Not?

To a casual observer the birds and wildlife in our parks and gardens may appear…

Beneficial InsectsGarden BirdsInvertebrates
22nd December 2018

Ladybirds: Houses, Habitat & Food

Ladybird Identification There are approximately 46 species of ladybird in the UK but only 26…

Beneficial InsectsIdentificationSpring
19th May 2014