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Strolling through a wildflower meadow can be truly captivating experience with interesting bursts of colour and a diverse range of wildlife. Bring some of this wonder to your own garden with our range of wildflower products. By planting native wildflowers, you will also help to reverse the trend of habitat loss and create homes and food for many important insects, birds and mammals.

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Ark Wildflower Seeds Individual Species
Ark Wildflower Seeds Individual Species

We offer a range of wildflower seed species and seed mixes

We offer an extensive range of specially selected wildflower mixes to suit a wide range of soil types and environments. All seeds and seed mixes are thoroughly tested to ensure successful germination and a wonderful display. They are sourced from established and recommended UK growers and have been hand-washed and packed to ensure exceptional standards of quality.

We stock both Ark Wildlife Seeds by species, including ragged robin, marjoram, campion, foxglove, cowslip and betony. We also offer a range of Ark Wildlife Seed Mixes, containing native British annuals and perennials. We can help you choose one for your local conditions and advise you on sowing.

Support nature diversity and natural habitats for our wildlife

Roughly 97 per cent of our wildflower meadows have disappeared since the first and second world wars. This is due to increased farming as vast areas of meadows and woodland areas have been cleared for crop production and grazing. Now one in five species of wildflower is also threatened by extinction.

Through wildflower planting, you will help to maintain the diversity of species that have evolved over hundreds of years and help maintain a healthy ecosystem. They are also ideal for areas that are hard to cultivate conventionally because the soil is poor, for example. Read our blog on plant life - a voice for wildflowers.

We can help, talk to us

If you are looking for the best quality wildflower seeds and wildflower seed mixes, we can help. We are dedicated to supporting our local wildlife and can advise you about the best seeds and seed mixes for you. Give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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