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Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel Facts & Habitat


20th August 2013

Last Updated: 19th April 2023


Length: 25-30cm
Fur is mostly grey but paler on the underside. Older individuals can show some red on their flanks. Tail is very bushy but there are no ear tufts, unlike the red squirrel. Grey squirrels spend more time on the ground than red squirrels, particularly in autumn and winter when they are to be seen burying nuts and acorns. There are local populations of a black variation of the grey squirrel in some parts of the country. Red and grey squirrels are rarely seen in the same areas with grey squirrels being present in much of the country, whereas red squirrels are restricted to a few islands and to the north of England and in Scotland.

Grey Squirrel’s Call

Scolding chattering call is accompanied by vigorous tail flicking.

Grey Squirrel Reproduction

Grey squirrels build large leafy dreys with an outer structure of twigs, high in trees mainly in a fork of the main trunk. Litters produced 1 or 2 a year in April to September with between 3-5 live young per brood.

Grey Squirrel’s Habitat

Grey squirrels live in mixed woodland, parks and hedgerows. They are common in towns and gardens.

Grey Squirrel’s Diet

Grey squirrels feed on a wide variety of nuts, seeds, berries, bark and sap. They are also opportunist robbers of birds eggs and young. We have a great range of the best nuts for squirrels and squirrel food mixes to help attract them to your garden. You may also find some cheeky squirrels climbing up your bird feeders for extra food, if this is the case, you can use a squirrel baffle for bird feeders to keep your feeders for birds only! Or, try using a squirrel proof feeder such as the squirrel buster feeder.

Where to Feed

Ground Feed – Scatter food in the open
Metal Squirrel Feeder
Large Capacity Squirrel Feeder
Flip Top Squirrel Feeder

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