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Mistle Thrush Song, Eggs & Identification

Mistle Thrush Identification They have grey-brown upper parts with yellowish borders to the feathers on…

BirdsGarden Birds
9th February 2021

When To Clean Out Bird Nest Boxes & Bird Box Maintenance Tips

Autumn marks the end of the breeding season when all nest boxes should be taken…

Nest Boxes
6th February 2021

Jay Habitat, Food & Identification

Jay Identification Length: 34cm. The Jay’s plumage colouration is variable, but with it’s white rump,…

BirdsGarden Birds
4th February 2021

Wood Pigeon Identification, Nesting & Food

Wood Pigeon Identification Length: 40cm. The Wood Pigeon is larger than other European pigeons, and…

BirdsGarden Birds
18th January 2021

Pied Wagtail, Nest, Diet & Facts

Pied Wagtail Identification Length: 18cm. The Pied Wagtail has a black crown, nape, chin and…

BirdsGarden Birds
18th January 2021

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Habitat, Call & Food

  Identification The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is the smallest found in Europe. They are about…

BirdsGarden BirdsIdentification
18th January 2021

How Do Birds Keep Warm & Survive the Winter?

Are birds warm blooded? Like humans, birds are warm blooded or endothermic, which means their…

BirdsGarden BirdsnestWinter
18th January 2021

How to Attract Woodpeckers to Your Garden

If you’re keen to see more woodpeckers in your garden – whether greater spotted woodpeckers,…

Bird Feeding
18th January 2021

Great-Spotted Woodpecker, Call, Nesting & Facts

Identification Length: 23cm. This is the most common black and white woodpecker in Europe. It…

BirdsGarden Birds
18th January 2021