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Autumn Wildlife Guides and Resources

Why have all the birds disappeared from my garden and where have they gone?

A common topic of conversation when we’re talking to customers in early autumn; ‘Where have…

AutumnBirdsGarden Birds
7th September 2022

What a Windfall

As summer draws to a close and autumn colours adorn the landscape, our garden wildlife…

AutumnBirdsWildlife Gardening
24th November 2018

A Turnstone Encounter

It was on one of those unbelievably changeable November days – one minute all bluster…

30th November 2014

Look up, look down, take time to look all around

At this time of year we often get periods when our otherwise reliable garden birds,…

22nd September 2014

Great Summer Early Autumn

2014 has been a terrific year for gardeners with warm days and regular rain showers….

8th September 2014

Making the most of it…

I like the changing seasons. I love the UK for the distinct differences between the…

1st September 2014

Leaf it Messy…

Britain was once almost entirely covered by deciduous trees (trees that drop their leaves in…

17th October 2013

Get ready for the influx…

Although our hedgerows are currently bursting with fruit and berries, the surplus food will not…

15th October 2013

Autumn Juvenile Hedgehog Care

What exactly do we mean when we talk about autumn orphans and juvenile hedgehogs? Some…

16th September 2013